"This is to acknowledge the professional service provided by Kefron Ltd. to the Rotunda Hospital in delivery of the scanning contract. Since commencement of business with Kefron Ltd. in 2016, our experience has been excellent. The service level provided has at a minimum met the specification of work detailed in the original tender; however in general it has been exceeded. The promptness of file collection and delivery, quality of scanning and after sales service has made operation of the contract very efficient and effective."
The Rotunda Hospital
"As part of our investment in Accounts IQ, a finance system that was at the cutting edge of technology, we were introduced to Kefron and their Kefron AP Automation technology to improve our Accounts Payable process. This has allowed our finance team to focus on more value add activities across the Group. The API connection has helped us streamline what was previously a very 'key-stroke heavy' process but has also allowed to retain and improve on the governance and control in the area. It has also provided management with additional real-time data analytics and insight into creditor days and payment terms at a click of a button. We would highly recommend Kefron as a Finance Automation Partner."
The Irish Times
"We have had a batch of invoices, flow automatically through the process and arrive coded in "approval in progress"! Brilliant! We are now using "live data" in the maintenance system as I want to ensure continued service in the event of enforced home working during the coronavirus outbreak. This is where the Kefron system really comes into its own as this is not something we could have done with a paper based invoicing system. So whilst we would not wish to be in the situation we are in it does highlight how fantastically flexible Kefron AP is in regards to off site working and will prove an essential tool for our business."
Wales & West Housing
"For us in Rayal Energy, an SME, it can be tough to get time to be able to do everything. The AP process always took the longest, going through invoice by invoice and ensuring the billing was correct. Kefron AP has changed that for us, it has freed up our most important resource: our time. From the first meeting, there was great engagement with Kefron. The team have supported us through the implementation process and are always there for support, which makes us think that they are part of our team."
Rayal Energy
"From the initial tender document to the close out of the project, Kefron provided a consistently high level of professional service. Communications were always timely, clear and aimed at delivery and problem-solving in a constructive and ‘can-do’ manner. Every member of the team was committed to delivering a quality product, and they were flexible and responsive to our needs. The work produced was to an excellent standard, which has delivered significant savings to our organisation as a result. I cannot recommend Kefron highly enough."
Valuation Office

"We work with highly sensitive data and appointed Kefron because of their reputation. We trusted their commitment to understand our need for safety and standards and to be able to access our files when required. We have not been disappointed. We have found them to be very responsive to our needs and their staff are always professional, knowledgeable, efficient and helpful".

Daughters of Charity Child & Family Services

“In my 30 years working within the AP function, Applegreen’s AP process was certainly one of the more complex that I had come across. It was a massive challenge to undertake and I have been incredibly impressed with how Kefron handled it. The teamwork was exceptional and there was always a determination from them to deliver. I loved their constant work and support and desire to move forward, despite any setbacks.”

"While there were a number of systems available, we appointed Kefron for its expertise and experience in this field. Our partnership with Kefron has provided a new way of working that has already yielded cost-savings as well as helping to free up time for the accounts team. We have also eradicated the need to store the invoices, which has saved space. We are confident that the Kefron AP solution will continue to enhance our service.”
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

“During the consultation process, Kefron was able to adapt the Kefron AP system to our specific sites, e.g. identifying the PO number to identify what site it came from. I was very impressed with their desire to deliver a perfect solution for us. Now for our annual audits, the copies of our invoices are just at the touch of a button which is extremely convenient. We no longer have to spend hours searching for old documents. ”

M50 Truck & Van Centre

“When we started with Kefron the quality of service was excellent, the service saved us a huge amount of time and the accuracy of invoices coming into the system was very, very good. Kefron are very easy to deal with, very professional right from the word go and are very flexible to the client’s needs. They have a can-do attitude. They work very close with the team, in fact they’re an extension of the Mick’s Garage team. If someone asked me should they go with Kefron, I would say go for it!”

Mick’s Garage

“Files are now far easier to locate, staff no longer waste valuable time searching for documents. This time can now be spent on more beneficial activities for the company. It’s a huge bonus for us to have Kefron on board. We knew very little about record management but they never thought a question was stupid. They resolved any issue we had, always offering solutions.”

Medical Council

“Having our document management managed externally means we have one less thing to worry about. This allows us to focus on our plans to continue to grow the company, both in Ireland and further abroad. It means everything is much easier to access and manage now. We like that we can request the physical copy when necessary. When we need it, we know we can get it quickly."

CLH Aviation Ireland Ltd
"We worked closely with Kefron and their expertise with M-Files proved invaluable because they understood the document management and quality management challenges we were experiencing and were able to help us configure the system in a way that addressed our specific requirements. Thanks to Kefron and M-Files, we're able to concentrate on what we do best — steel manufacturing while leaving document and quality management to the experts.”
Brown McFarlane
"In all dealings with Kefron, they acted professionally, efficiently and were extremely helpful in providing a consistently excellent standard of service at a very competitive price. I would recommend a site visit to Kefron's facility in Park West. This will provide you with an insight to the level of professionalism the team there bring to their work."
Department of Social Protection
“Kefron scanned approximately 100,000 pages for the Standards Commission. At all times Kefron staff were available to discuss any issue and proved themselves both reliable and trustworthy. The material scanned by Kefron has also proved to be of an excellent quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kefron to any potential employer.”
Standards in Public Office Commission
"Royal Bank of Canada has been using Kefron services over the last 9 years to service our head office in Dublin 2. Kefron’s knowledge of the document management industry, professionalism and efficiency has been instrumental in the successful implementation and management of our document management systems through one trusted single service provider."
Royal Bank of Canada
"We are used to setting standards in many ways but in terms of document management we could see that Kefron was the standards-setting company. We like to use top-quality suppliers wherever possible. We are a company of specialists – actuaries, accountants, auditors, insurance relationship managers etc – and every hour our staff spend doing something that doesn’t tap into those specialist skills is time poorly invested."
Euro Insurances
"When we put the system in place and our team saw how easy it was to retrieve files, their confidence really grew and they started to release the existing documents beside their desks into the storage area as well. The barcode-based solution Kefron has implemented bears no comparison with the old ad hoc system we used to use."
Wicklow County Council
"In an environment where documents already exist in other formats, the introduction of imaging will depend largely on an efficient backfile conversion effort. There is a lot of magic in scheduling and preparing documents. XL Europe staff have gone through an extensive learning cycle. The payback for XL Insurance Company has been the successful use of Kefron l for the XLE backfile conversion."
X.L. Insurance Company Limited

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