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M50 Truck & Van Centre is the exclusive Mercedes-Benz commercial sales and testing centre for North Dublin City and County.

Based in Dublin, they provide a wide range of services, including Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing, M50 Power Solutions (providing and supporting Hoppecke battery systems throughout Ireland) and M50 GSE, the servicing and repair of Airport/Aircraft related ground support equipment, specialised and standard commercial vehicles at Dublin Airport. Additionally, they possess a wide stock of pre-owned vehicles and service all makes and models of light and heavy commercial and public service vehicles.


In 2016, the M50 AP team were processing around 1,500 invoices each month from approximately 150 suppliers. The majority of invoices were received electronically as PDFs. However, a number of them were also received in a physical format via the internal mail.

Data from every invoice received had to be captured manually at header level by the AP staff based in Head Office. The captured data was then uploaded into Autoline Kerridge, a Dealer Management System (DMS).

The manual input of data was proving to be a time-consuming process for the AP team. This slow process began to cause delays in payments to suppliers, who in turn would re-send the invoices, thus creating numerous duplicates. As this process rumbled on, paper continued to pile up in the M50 office, making the documents more and more difficult to track.

A decision was eventually made to automate their accounts payable invoicing structure. The main objective for M50 Truck & Van Centre was:

  • To remove the need for manual data entry
  • Reduce the amount of printed documentation
  • Automate the coding and approval process
  • Instant access to invoices
  • Increase visibility & control

A customer of theirs recommended Kefron and after witnessing a demo of the Kefron AP Solution, they were happy that it was the right solution for them and would help achieve their objectives.

As Angelina McGuirk, Kefron’s Business Development Manager, explains “Implementation of Kefron AP will result in significant streamlining of the AP Process and drive process efficiencies in M50 Truck & Van Centre through the use of technology.”


Initial meetings were held between M50 Truck and Van Centre to outline overall project goals and map workflows. Organising these tasks early in the process ensured a successful, risk free and tested implementation of the Kefron AP solution.

Through Kefron AP, all invoices are received to the same portal, no matter what channel it originates from. Electronic invoices are routed to the Kefron Online System through an e-mail inbox or pdf upload while paper invoices are scanned and uploaded on-site by a member of the M50 Truck & Van Centre team. In order to match supplier invoices with supplier accounts, Kefron AP required a master supplier listing and accounts codes from M50. Once received, Kefron uploaded this data into the Kefron AP system.

Once invoices have been successfully scanned and uploaded, Kefron AP automatically reads and extracts the required invoice fields including Supplier Code, PO Number, Invoice Currency, Net, Gross & VAT Amounts and VAT Codes.

Any anomalies or invalid information that arise from invoices are pushed for user verification and routed to a workflow for validation by a member of the M50 AP team. The system also vets duplicate invoices and removes if the same invoice has been previously presented from the same supplier.

Images and corresponding data are available for Kefron AP to export. Both touch-free invoices and those validated by the M50 team are automatically exported daily at a predetermined time, with the option to export on demand as well. This export file is then used by M50 to input into their Autoline Kerridge accounts package.

All Invoice images are stored in the system for future reference and can be accessed at any time by the M50 staff through a web based user interface using secure log-ins for verification purposes.


The automation of the AP invoicing structure in M50 Truck & Van Centre has brought with it many benefits:

  • No More Manual Input
  • The automatic upload of invoice information has eliminated the need for the manual input of information, freeing up the M50 AP team’s time significantly, allowing them to focus on other challenges.

  • No Back Log of Invoices
  • The faster processing time has meant invoices no longer spend weeks or months in a queue, they are processed within hours of being received.

  • Less Duplicates
  • The increased processing time also means that suppliers are now getting paid on time, ensuring they no longer send the same invoice multiple times and creating duplicates in the system.

  • Reduced Paper Usage
  • Kefron AP has also drastically reduced the paperwork involved, as files now arrive via the online portal, significantly lowered the prospect of files going missing.

  • Greater Visibility
  • The automation of the invoicing process means that invoices are no longer just sitting idly on desks, they can be accessed by multiple users at any time, giving greater control and visibility over the AP process and their total credit position.


M50 Truck & Van Centre have been delighted with the service to date and the advantages it will bring to their Accounts Payable department moving forward, not just in terms of processing invoices.

“For our annual audits, the copies of our invoices are now just at the touch of a button which is extremely convenient. We no longer have to spend hours searching for old documents” says Jennifer McKenna, Accounts Payable Manager with M50 Truck & Van Centre.

Aside from the product itself, Jennifer was very impressed with the Kefron team themselves. “During the consultation process, Kefron was able to adapt the system to our specific sites, e.g. identifying the PO number to identify what site it came from. I was very impressed with their desire to deliver a perfect solution for us.”

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