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Kefron AP - Innovative Invoice Processing Technology

Processing both paper and electronic invoices typically requires manual effort that can be costly and error-prone.

However, by automating your Accounts Payable Department you can streamline the invoicing process, eliminate potential human errors, lower the cost per invoice processed, improve supplier communication and prevent fraud.

Kefron AP is an Accounts Payable Automation solution which digitises invoices for ease of processing, approval and record keeping. By eliminating the manual processing of invoices, we can help your business save money by helping to repurpose your team to more valuable tasks, all whilst ensuring you remain GDPR compliant and reach your Making Tax Digital deadlines.

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Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any accounting software by simply exchanging information directly with your systems, eliminating the need to rekey information. Some of the finance systems it can easily integrate with include:


Our simple Accounts Payable Automation solution digitises invoices for easier approval processing and record keeping. Whether your invoices arrive by post, fax or email and no matter how the invoice has been designed, they can be processed within minutes of arriving.

Furthermore, we are able to implement workflows and approval processes in order to suit your current procedures.

To get a free, no obligations, consultancy session with one of our experts, get in touch with us today. We will listen to your requirements and review your current practices and use this information gathered to suggest the best solution for you. You will also receive a free demonstration of Kefron AP so you can see for yourself the benefits of automating your accounts payable process.



All invoices, both paper and electronic, can be uploaded and captured directly to the system, allowing you complete visibility of any invoice at any stage of the AP process. Once an invoice is in the system, it can be instantly accessed on demand.


Kefron AP will alert you to any duplicate invoices that you may receive, ensuring your AP team wastes no time in processing the same invoice. The system automatically filters duplicates from your work queue so you don't have to.


After validation, the invoice can automatically move to ‘Coding’, if required. Automated coding can then be applied to your supplier invoices or if you prefer designated users can assign GL/Nominal code descriptions from your prepopulated supplied list.


Kefron AP gives your suppliers visibility of their processed invoices, therefore reducing the number of supplier queries coming into your AP department.


Invoices requiring approval are routed through our custom workflows. Approvers, notified by an automatic e-mail, can make approvals regardless of their location, ensuring a faster turnaround which can lead to early payment discounts.


Kefron AP can automate the matching of GRN'S & Purchase Orders to Supplier Invoices. A full 3 way match service allows faster more concise reconcillation of your AP records. Kefron AP also offers a PO Creation module which can be utilized to streamline the PO creation process.


Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any accounting software by simply exchanging information directly with your system, eliminating the need to rekey information.


Kefron AP allows an unlimited number of users to operate the system at no additional charge. So whether you have 1 user or 100, the cost is always the same.


Kefron AP generates real-time reports for each stage of the accounts payable process, giving users fast, clear and accurate information, allowing them to answer queries quickly and easily.


Kefron AP's PO Creation module is an easy and efficient way to create Purchase Orders from within the Kefron AP system.

It can be used to create Purchase Orders dynamically on screen while entering the data and can be linked with the existing 2 or 3-way invoice matching function to streamline the process.

While adding the data, the document page is automatically refreshed, and the data is rendered while you type. This add-on means you can avoid buying costly additional licenses for your finance system.

If you would like to learn more about our PO Creation module, please click on the Book A Demo option below. Our team of experts would be happy to show you its functionality and answer any outstanding questions you may have.


Kefron AP is available as a cloud-based platform for the management of data and document processing and can be easily integrated with any accounting software.

With its clear, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users require very little training meaning the transition from your old process to new is quick and seamless.

Click on the images to view the Kefron AP interface.

With ISO 27001 Information Security accreditation, Kefron AP offers secure 24/7 processing and complete scalability. Click below to learn more about Kefron's ISO accreditations.


Incidences of invoice fraud continue to rise in Ireland and the UK and unfortunately over 40% of businesses are completely unaware of the risks. It can happen to anyone and any business, no matter what size or industry. Anti-fraud measures are more difficult to implement in a manual invoice process. It’s more difficult to segregate duties, to enforce the bank detail validation and to maintain a trail for auditing purposes.

AP Automation can assist with Fraud Mitigation in your business by implementing control features that offer a greater level of transparency and accountability in your processes.

Contact us today to learn how you can create a more robust AP controlled environment and reduce fraud risk to a minimum.

“For us in Rayal Energy, an SME, it can be tough to get time to be able to do everything. The AP process always took the longest, going through invoice by invoice and ensuring the billing was correct. Kefron AP has changed that for us, it has freed up our most important resource: our time. From the first meeting, there was great engagement with Kefron. The team have supported us through the implementation process and are always there for support, which makes us think that they are part of our team.”

Rayal Energy

“While there were a number of systems available, we appointed Kefron for its expertise and experience in this field. Our partnership with Kefron has provided a new way of working that has already yielded cost-savings as well as helping to free up time for the accounts team. We have also eradicated the need to store the invoices, which has saved space. We are confident that the Kefron AP solution will continue to enhance our service.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

“During the consultation process, Kefron was able to adapt the Kefron AP system to our specific sites, e.g. identifying the PO number to identify what site it came from. I was very impressed with their desire to deliver a perfect solution for us. Now for our annual audits, the copies of our invoices are just at the touch of a button which is extremely convenient. We no longer have to spend hours searching for old documents. ”

M50 Truck & Van Centre

“When we started with Kefron the quality of service was excellent, the service saved us a huge amount of time and the accuracy of invoices coming into the system was very, very good. Kefron are very easy to deal with, very professional right from the word go and are very flexible to the client’s needs. They have a can-do attitude. They work very close with the team, in fact they’re an extension of the Mick’s Garage team. If someone asked me should they go with Kefron, I would say go for it!”

Mick’s Garage

“In my 30 years working within the AP function, Applegreen’s AP process was certainly one of the more complex that I had come across. It was a massive challenge to undertake and I have been incredibly impressed with how Kefron handled it. The teamwork was exceptional and there was always a determination from them to deliver. I loved their constant work and support and desire to move forward, despite any setbacks.”




The automatic upload of invoice information will free up your accounts team’s time and allow them to focus on other challenges.


The impact of data capture and workflow brought about through Kefron AP can improve your processing time as much as 80% and decrease costs by 67%.


Data capture automation eliminates manual keying of information from the process and in doing so significantly decreases errors associated with human touch points.


Kefron AP provides complete and instant visibility to anyone authorised to view it. This increased visibility drives accountability and provides greater control on the AP process.


Businesses that have adopted accounts payable automation technology reported 38% fewer duplicate invoices and 58% fewer lost or misfiled.


Functionality across a range of devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, means you can process and approve your invoices wherever you are.


Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a key part of the UK Government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right by digitising the process.

With avoidable mistakes costing the Exchequer over £9 billion a year, HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) want companies to introduce software to store their digital VAT records and send returns using MTD-compatible software from 1st April 2019. One of the challenges this raises for businesses however it that the process of extracting the required data from business records in the form of paper or pdf invoices is still manual and error prone.

Kefron AP enables the easy digitisation of invoices as well as the extraction and validation of data for direct insertion to the target finance system. With only clean validated data going into the finance system it greatly increases the accuracy of reporting and HMRC tax returns and eliminates human errors associated with manual data entry.


How much time can you save?


The challenge with invoice management and GDPR is that invoices may well contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names, addresses, contact details and bank details of individuals in which case they are subject to GDPR.

The challenge with managing paper and even digital invoices is that they can be passed around the organisation for verification and approval, may be stored in a variety of locations long after they are needed for business purposes and may be even be copied multiple times. How then can all of these invoices be managed in a compliant manner?

The solution is to introduce technology such as Kefron AP to automate your Accounts Payable process. Invoices received digitally or on paper are scanned, the key data extracted and an automated workflow is available for coding and approval. Duplicates are avoided, access is controlled and auditable and all documents are stored in a single location.


Kefron AP is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application developed and managed in-house by Kefron. Operating as a Cloud-based platform is beneficial to our customers because it ensures:


Applications are easier to get up and running because there is no hardware to buy or infrastructure to set up and configure.


Applications can expand as the number of users grow, enabling you to start off small and enlarge as your business grows.


The service does not require upfront capital expenditure, so it is easier to accommodate existing budgets, or budget constraints.


Kefron AP only requires a browser interface, which makes the technology available at multiple locations.


According to a Gartner report, “organisations expect to maintain or increase their investments in SaaS over the coming years”.


Kefron AP dashboard and branding can be designed to suit your company needs and preferences.


Unlike other companies, we operate a ‘software as a service’ model. This enables our customers to pay a price per invoice processed on our cloud-based solution and hence avoid expensive upfront software purchasing costs.

The rate per invoice is dependent on the expected volume of invoices per year as well as how much information a customer wishes to extract from invoices, aka invoice header and footer alone or invoice line item in addition.

To see a live demonstration of our Accounts Payable Automation solution, book a demo with us by clicking the link below.


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